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Walk 2 Train Programme

This plan is suitable for dogs that suffer from:

  • Anxiety 
  • Travelling  issues
  • Barking 
  • Aggression with other dogs or humans   
  • A fear of the outside environment e.g
    • Traffic 
    • Objects 
    • Noise 
    • Different environments 

Walk 2 Train is a six-week plan involving one-to-one behaviour training sessions every five days at various times of the day to suit your plan. 

The first session is an assessment prior to a welcome pack being completed, a plan being made and some initial training. 

Walk 2 Train sessions are £50 per session. 

£100 deposit is required to pay for your first two sessions upon booking. 

The plan is quite intensive and requires regular one-hour sessions with me, you and your dog.

Some sessions are divided and I take your dog out alone, dependent on their issues.

The plan must be completed for it to be effective.

In order to ensure continuity of training, breaks in the plan cannot be permitted.

The training includes : 

  • Assessment & plan personal to you and your dog 
  • One hour sessions to ensure your dog can enjoy a walk as well as their behaviour training 
  • Weekly easy-to-understand report via Email with achievements and homework to do, moving you forward to the next session. 
  • Final summary report (end of the course) with recommendations for your dog

Further one-hour Walk 2 Train sessions are available at £50 per session



Customer Review

"Norman has been with Shell for a few years now and she has succeeded where other trainers/behaviourists failed. Shell has a natural bond with animals and I know Norman loves his time out with her. Shell has turned him into a sociable, well-behaved chap instead of the tear-away rebel he used to be. Couldn't rate Shell highly enough. Highly recommend her."
Phyl Corr


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