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Pup Club

Pup Club Classes

All classes will be on Walkers secure field with social distancing guidelines & use of hand sanitizer for safety,

Bringing you Pup Club at Walkers Secure field B4114 Coventry Rd Broughton LE9 6QD

Course starts:
Weds 10 th June at 6pm and 7pm (both now full)

Following set starts:
Weds 22nd July

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Essential fun, positive reward training & socialisation for your puppy using the latest training techniques, creating a strong bond with your puppy for the future in the big world with your qualified ADPT dog trainer!

Innovative 6 week training course

  • Disabled welcome (please contact me if you would like further details of facilities)
  • Children over 7 years old are welcome with a parent or guardian

After I've taught you and your dog the most effective training methods, I recommend you continually practise the training with your dog, even after your course is completed. The more effort you put into your dog - the better your dog will be trained. 

6 week course @ £80 per dog

  • Beginners (3 - 6 months old) @ 6pm each Wednesday
  • Intermediate (6 - 9 months old) @ 7pm each Wednesday


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Once you have booked, I will also send you a booking confirmation email with details of the training, what you need to bring, preparation etc.`

You can also book by contacting us directly by email: shell@perfectpettraining.co.uk.

Areas covered:

  • Force-free reward-based positive training
  • Life skills
    • Equipment
    • Nutrition
    • Handling
    • Grooming
    • Body language
    • Parasites
    • Basic First Aid
    • Park 101 (keeping your dog safe on walks)
  • Appropriate play
  • Clicker training
  • Trick training
  • Basic & advanced commands
  • Heelwork and loose lead walking
  • Recall
  • Training in different environments and situations
  • Time management
  • Theme nights
  • Distance Training
  • Eradicating bad behaviour
  • Bond 'n' relax

Included are :

  • Secure indoor & outdoor environment
  • Play Zones
  • Pup Pods
  • Goodie bag, certificate & rosette
  • Advice on training issues available via Skype/FaceTime (email us (shell@perfectpettraining.co.uk) to arrange appointment slot).

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1-1 sessions also available

Pup Workshops

Socialisation classes are carefully supervised to avoid bullying and disagreements. If allowed to occur these can mentally damage puppies and cause dog-dog problems in the future.

Pup Pick & Mix

A 6 week workshop course that runs alongside Pup Club Beginners and Intermediate classes and is available following these classes at Bruntingthorpe Village Hall at 8 pm.

These 40 minute workshops are a combination of training of focus, groundwork, scent work, platform fun, fun & games - all confidence building. Each week is different and you can pick & choose what you’d like to try and do.

Pick & Mix allows you to come to just 1 or 2 weeks or all 6 weeks. You choose. It’s £10 per week or, if you’d like to book the whole course of 6 weeks, it’s just £50.

You can do this course individually if you know or have done the usual force-free training.

Runs alongside your beginners' class, Wednesdays at 6pm or Intermediate class Wednesdays at 7pm at Bruntingthorpe Village Hall.

  • Week 1 focus & games
  • Week 2 scent work
  • Week 3 groundwork & games
  • Week 4 platform fun
  • Week 5 scent work
  • Week 6 platform fun

Panicking about caring for your new puppy?

If you have a new puppy and would like some initial advice and training, e.g crate training, handling, play-biting, chewing, toilet issues, nutrition, equipment, or keeping them occupied then you can choose form the following options:

  • a one off consultation
  • a series of 3 sessions 1-1

Free phone consultation

request a call back to discuss your needs


Pup Club Beginners Feedback

"Would love to do a follow on course with Neville As I believe he would continue to improve. I feel he was a little slower at learning than some of the other pups but it was great that the class went at the speed of the slowest learner and did not jump ahead."
Andrew with Neville (Basset Hound)

"Loved going to puppy school every week. Nice class size so your dog isn’t overwhelmed. Relaxed training that really works. My puppy loved it and Shell."
Nikki with Boris (Stafford Bull Terrier)

For Pup Club clients only

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