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Book now for Recall Workshop

Teaching focus and recall with one-to-one and part-group session

Tuesday 13th August - 5.30pm to 7.30pm (in secure field)

Six places (three slots left) - contact us to book


Puppy Training

Pup club with beginners, intermediate & mix & match classes 


1-1 Training

Personal 1-1 sessions for your training issues 


Walk 2 Train

6 week program for behaviour training 


K9 Frisbee

Disc Dog - agility sport for dogs.


Reactive Dog Support Programme

Help and training for dogs with behaviour issues


K9 Mantrailing

Low-impact dog sport 


K9 Keepsakes

Unique dog photography sessions including trainer help on hand to get the best possible photos


Events & Workshops

Find out dates of my workshops and charity events.


News Blog

Sharing my experiences as an APDT-trained dog trainer and keeping you up to date with doggy-related matters.


"Really enjoyed focus work & games. Amazing training techniques. Good consistent input. Starts with basic focus, perfect for us & nice progression"
Kiera with Paddy (rescue collie)

"Clearly explained, calm & kind trainer"
Suzanne with 5 mth old Doodle 

"Nice & relaxed, not rushed, very calm - learnt some new things"
Liz with Fudge (rescue Staff X)

"Shell worked one to one with Bella and gave bespoke training sessions which met the needs of our beautiful girl. Shell also worked with the whole family at our house teaching us to teach our dog. She was very patient with both the family and Bella. When we didn’t get things or when things didn’t work for us she was able to make the necessary adjustments/changes to help us understand. We worked on games which improved bella’s concentration skills."

"Harley was a very nervous dog. Shell has trained her to be confident in crowds, also recall. Harley seems to know when Shell is coming as she sits looking out of the window. You can see Shell is passionate about what she does and how the dogs love being with her."

Book now for Walk 2 Train

This is a six week plan involving one-to-one training with you and your dog to address behavioural (reactive) issues. The plan includes pre-arranged Skype/FaceTime calling for any issues while you are training at home.

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