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Reactive Dog Training (behaviour issues)

Do you own a dog with behaviour issues which make life stressful. Such as

  • treacts negatively to other dogs or humans
  • barking, growling, lunging
  • anxiety
  • freezing
  • other unwanted behaviour

There are lots of different types of training suitable for your dog , corrective training or maybe you’d like to try a suitable dog sport to engage your dog. Feeling isolated with your dog isn’t a great feeling, there are things you can do with them. I hold a qualifcation in working with reactive dogs and am a qualified APDT trainer. I am also a Mantrailing instructor. I’m here to help .

Walk 2 Train Programme

This programme is suitable for :

  • Dogs that suffer from anxiety
  • Dogs with a fear of the outside environment
  • Traffic
  • objects
  • Noise
  • Different environments
  • travelling
  • barking
  • aggression with other dogs or humans 

Walk 2 Train is a 6 week plan involving one-to-one training sessions every 5 days.

Walk 2 Train sessions are £50 per session and an hour long.

First session is 90 minutes with nutrition & equipment assessment.

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K9 Bootcamp

Reactive Dog Support Programme

Training your dog in the presence of other dogs in a secure field. Four dogs maximum per session.

Location: Sutton Elms farm auctions - B4114 Broughton - LE9 6QD. Field is at the back of all the buildings on the left hand side

4 week course at £100

  • Does your dog struggle to listen in a busy dog environment?
  • Do they pull, but never used to?
  • Recall not great?
  • Are you worried they might not come back?
  • Do they never stay by your side?
  • Did you train your dog as a puppy but now they've picked up some bad habits?

if any of these questions are answered by a "Yes", then this boot camp is for you, showing you the most effective and up to date force-free training methods.


Disc dog at K9 Frisbee Leicester

In a secure field New to the UK, K9 Frisbee TOSS 'N' FETCH is an agility sport with its own World Championship and now it has reached Leicester.

Disc dog is suitable for reactive dogs Each handler & dog takes it in turns on the field to warm up and play toss & fetch Come and have a try. It's great fun!

£8 per session

Mantrailing at K9 Midlands Mantrailing

Mantrailing is one of the latest fastest growing sports in the uk! Training your dog to follow a specific person's scent, and locate them at the end of the trail to earn their reward is not only great fun for your dog, but I guarantee you will love it too! As a qualified instructor with Mantrailing UK we follow the Kocher Method of training, which gives your dog a great drive for the game, we set them up to succeed and therefore every dog has a blast! We work dogs individually which means that we can work with all dogs even reactive ones (special precautions are taken and each case is treated individually) Dogs of all ages and breeds can and do trail, this all inclusive sport is perfect for those of you with dogs that you arent able to take to classes or compete in high energy sports any longer due to age or even injury!! Introduction to mantrailing 3 hr Workshop @ a Leicestershire location

£55 per dog

Follow on weekly group sessions £20 per dog


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