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Walk 2 Train

Reactive Dog Support Tailored Training Programme

This is now available with use of social distance guidelines outside the home.


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Do you own a dog who is anxious or has behaviour issues which make life stressful?

Is your dog:

  • reacting negatively to other dogs or humans?
  • barking, growling, lunging (even in a playful manner)?
  • freezing?
  • anxious near traffic?
  • frightened of noise, objects or certain environments?
  • having travelling problems?
  • barking excessively?
  • a rescue dog who's arrived with some existing problems?

Feeling isolated with your dog isn’t a great feeling but there ARE things you can do. Walk 2 Train is a unique support programme that involves learning to understand your dog properly while making new friends who are going through the same experience as you. It includes effective training so that you can start enjoying your walks with your dog.

This support programme is available by subscription so it’s affordable and you can budget while ensuring you get all the training and support you need make your life with your dog more enjoyable.

How much would it be worth to you to have:

  • Worry-free walks?
  • Confident time out with your dog?
  • Less stress and worry about your dog?
  • A unique bond with your dog?

I have many years experience with dogs that are unsure of their environment. I regularly update my behavioural qualifications and I am a qualified APDT trainer. I’m here to help.

Take a Journey with Walk 2 Train

Start with Team Dog

This is where we develop a working relationship between you and your dog. We find out what makes your dog tick, balancing necessary stimulation, quiet time, food and other things, with attention also to the needs of your individual dog and their breed. It's about finding balance. Dogs live in the moment, linking behaviours to memories. They are more emotional than intellectual. Dogs have incredible sight, hearing, sense of smell and an ability to detect emotions and all of these contribute to their behaviour.

The programme starts with a pre-booked1-1 session at your home covering an initial assessment of your dog's behaviour and an assessment of their nutrition.

Over the ensuing weeks, we will walk and assess your dog and cover issues such as

  • keeping your own thoughts and emotions and body language in balance
  • how to react to certain behaviours
  • lead-handling
  • how to make your dog more comfortable in situations
  • distance management
  • creating a positive attitude between you and your dog
  • improving behaviour towards other dogs and/or people.

We will assess and address the issues that can contribute to your dog being reactive including behavioural triggers and high-arousal (e.g. trigger-stacking).

Between our face to face sessions, you will be expected to continue training with your dog (practice makes perfect) but I will still be available for advice and support when needed.

It can take 9 months to change a behaviour but with this support programme, not only should you see faster results, you gain the skills to support your dog for the rest of their life.

Included in the programme is K9 Bootcamp, where, with your new-found confidence and improved handling skills, you'll enjoy the company and support of fellow owners as you continue to work to understand your dog and strengthen the bond between dog and owner. A partnership.

You will receive a task by email every Sunday during your programme and you will have access to the Team Dog Online Portal (user and password protected) which includes:

  • An Online Diary to be submitted on a Sunday, detailing your thoughts and experiences over the week. We will use this together to celebrate strengths and address weaknesses.
  • A pre-arranged video call for continued support
  • Life skills
  • Quizzes
  • Articles to help you learn how your dog feels and why
  • Understanding your dog's breed and their habits

This is valuable training tailored to your individual dog

As a qualified reactive-dog trainer, I will work together with you intensely, tweaking training along the way as necessary. Even on the very few, later, weeks where I ask you to focus on working with your dog without my direct supervision, I will always be on hand with guidance and encouragement. I also give you my time and expertise through the information on the online portal and the diary assessments and recommendations.

The average dog walker (often unqualified) can charge £12 an hour just to walk your dog. This tailored course is much more than just a walk. It's about enabling you to cement a partnership between you and your dog. For a lifetime of that, I hope you will count it cheap.

Price is dependent upon the length and complexity of your tailored package. Packages can be as little as 8 weeks long, but usually you and your dog will need 16 weeks of support.
*I have adopted a subscription approach to make it more affordable. Terms and Conditions will apply.

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Activities that can be done alongside Reactive Training

Mantrailing at K9 Midlands Mantrailing

Mantrailing is one of the latest fastest growing sports in the uk! Training your dog to follow a specific person's scent, and locate them at the end of the trail to earn their reward is not only great fun for your dog, but I guarantee you will love it too! As a qualified instructor with Mantrailing UK we follow the Kocher Method of training, which gives your dog a great drive for the game, we set them up to succeed and therefore every dog has a blast! We work dogs individually which means that we can work with all dogs even reactive ones (special precautions are taken and each case is treated individually) Dogs of all ages and breeds can and do trail, this all inclusive sport is perfect for those of you with dogs that you arent able to take to classes or compete in high energy sports any longer due to age or even injury!! Introduction to mantrailing 3 hr Workshop @ a Leicestershire location

£55 per dog for 3 hours introduction workshop. This must be completed before dogs can attend the weekly group.

Follow on weekly group sessions £25 per dog

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