Covering South Leicestershire and Northamptonshire

K9 Midlands Mantrailing

Mantrailing is an exciting new dog sport that teaches you and your dog to hunt down a missing person. With your dogs incredible nose and your soon to be impeccable handling skills can you be the perfect team in this race against time?

  • ✔ Build a great relationship with your dog
  • ✔ Increase your dogs confidence
  • ✔ Spend time adventuring outdoors
  • ✔ Attend a fun social activity on a regular basis

One of the many amazing things about this sport is it is fully accessible to all people and dogs, regardless of age, breed or disability. This includes dogs with confidence and reactivity issues, as dogs are always worked one at a time.

Introduction to Mantrailing Workshop dates

  • Sunday 18th August 9.30am to 12.30pm
  • Tuesday 20th August 5.30pm to 8.30pm

£55 per dog

Mantrailing Walk Groups ( workshop attendance required first)
Tuesday & Saturday afternoons/evenings (depending on season)
£20 per dog
Email me for waiting list


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