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K9 Frisbee

New to the UK, K9 Frisbee TOSS 'N' FETCH is an agility sport with its own World Championship and now it has reached Leicester.

Disc dog is also suitable for reactive dogs.
Each handler & dog takes it in turns on the field to warm up and play toss & fetch.
Come and have a try. It's great fun! There will be a free play zone for dogs as well.

Summer (April to September) Thursdays 6.30-7.30pm at Oakfield Park, Blaby or Walkers Secure Field.

Winter (October) Saturdays at 2.00-3.00pm

£8 per session

Sessions include:

  • Warm up and warm down
  • Bite work
  • retrieve to hand
  • send around
  • the out and more
  • throwing skills
  • accuracy skills
  • wind and weather consideration

Each Session:

  • Practice with guidance including learning throwing techniques
  • Warm up with dog
  • World Wide Toss n Fetch Championships

The area is clear of other dogs, so don't worry about your dog's space!

Suitable for reactive dogs.

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