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K9 Bootcamp

5 session course takes place over four weeks
1 theory & 4 practical sessions.

When: 10am to 11am
Starts: Sat 29th February
Cost: £135
Location: Sutton Hill County Auctions off B4114 Broughton . Postcode: LE9 6QD.
( Field is at the back of all the buildings on the left hand side)

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About K9 Bootcamp

This bootcamp involves training your dog in the presence of other dogs at a distance, in a secure field, working in training zones. Tell us what problems you have and we’ll work with you to correct the issues. This programme is available standalone and also as part of the longer Reactive Dog Training Programme. If your dog is very reactive, then we recommend the full Reactive Dog Training Programme before attending K9 Bootcamp.

New Behaviour?

If your dog has had a very sudden change in behaviour, it’s recccomended you seek immediate veterinary advice and get your dog assessed first by them. You are welcome to discuss with me too.

  • Does your dog get anxious around people or other dogs?
  • Has your dog struggled with an indoor training class?
  • Do they struggle to listen or focus in a busy dog environment?
  • Do they pull?
  • Did you train them as a puppy but now they've picked up some bad habits?
  • Do they struggle with recall?

if any of these questions are answered by a "Yes", then this bootcamp is for you, showing you the most effective and up to date force-free training methods.

It involves:

Four 1-hour outdoor force-free training sessions covering:

  • Warm up - to get your dog focused on you, ready for training.
  • Focus training
  • ️Basic obedience
    • touch -sit - down - stay ️
    • heelwork
    • loose lead
    • leave
    • recall
  • Confidence building fun & games (each zone has a different game)
  • Trick training
  • Scent work
  • Interrupter Training
  • Life skills & brain work via Team Dog online portal
  • Park 101 - safer walks with your dogs️
  • Training sheets via email

Upon booking and receipt of 50% deposit, we will arrange a comprehensive 1-1 assessment of your dog's behaviour and their nutrition at your home to ensure your dog is ready for K9 Bootcamp.** Following assessment, we will provide an immediate report and discuss your needs and book-in your training.

** I like to ensure all your issues are dealt with and in some cases it has proved that a dog may well suit a very short Walk 2 Train programme better which can be discussed if necessary.

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N.B. Bring high reward treats ONLY to training, such as chicken, cheese or sausage cut into tiny pieces. Keep your dog keen. Forceful methods may NOT be used in this training session. I'm here to train you and your dog effectively and will show you great techniques and give tips, help and support throughout your session. Further training is available on request.

Walker's terms & conditions

For those of you that haven’t been to the field before, field t&c s will be emailed to you.

Extra - Video Call Support at £17.50 per booked session

(e.g. FaceTime/Skype/WhatsApp/Messenger)

48 hour-notice booked video call support for a behaviour issue or if you would like to show me the behaviour, possibly something new, so I can advise. You may also want to go back through some training. You can request a session & receive a booked time slot within 48 hrs. It’s really important that new behaviours are reported quickly so they are dealt with with little stress as possible.

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Also available:

Mantrailing at K9 Midlands Mantrailing (teaching your dog to follow a scent trail. Think search and rescue! Great for confidence-building, especially bored or reactive dogs)

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