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K9 Bootcamp (and K9 Kids' Club)

Learning and life skill training for dogs over six months

NEW! K9 Kids' Club

K9 Boot Camp

Reactive Dog Support Programme

Training your dog in the presence of other dogs in a secure field. Four dogs maximum per session.

Location: Sutton Elms farm auctions - B4114 Broughton - LE9 6QD. Field is at the back of all the buildings on the left hand side

4 week course at £100

  • Does your dog struggle to listen in a busy dog environment?
  • Do they pull, but never used to?
  • Recall not great?
  • Are you worried they might not come back?
  • Do they never stay by your side?
  • Did you train your dog as a puppy but now they've picked up some bad habits?

if any of these questions are answered by a "Yes", then this boot camp is for you, showing you the most effective and up to date force-free training methods.




K9 Boot Camp

  • 4 week course at £100 starting September. Dates to be arranged.
  • Fun sessions for dogs over 6 months old
  • 1 hour outdoor sessions with your qualified dog trainer learning force-free training with life skills, confidence building, obedience & tricks.
  • Learning life skills is essential to learn to be a good doggy parent such as correct equipment use, social skills , keeping you & your dog safe on the park by understanding dogs & handling.
  • Positive reward training such as correct clicker use, simple training techniques, along with some fun tricks to amaze your friends.
  • Confidence building fun & games

At each session:

  • ️First week will be a social/mutual support meeting with other reactive dog owners followed by the training session
  • warm up will be basic training techinques to get your dog training and focused on you.
  • you can use a clicker if you'd like to.
  • ️Going through training easy step by steps with you.


  • ️focus training
  • ️learning basic commands touch -sit-down -stay
  • ️heelwork -loose lead-2 training techniques -recall

Life skills

  • ️correct equipment use
  • ️Park 101 -safer walks with your dogs
  • ️body language

Learn some tricks with your themed session

Appropriate play & confidence building

  • ️Time out -social play in between training if suitable
  • ️fun & games are fun themed play each week to build confidence

Extra help

️Training sheet for each week & training tip sheet via email.

️Encouraging your dog

  • Bring high reward treats ONLY such as chicken, cheese or sauagage cut in to tiny pieces. Keep your dog keen.
  • Forceful methods may NOT be used in this training session. I'm here to train you and your dog effectively and will show you great techiques and give tips, help and support throughout your session. Further training is available on request

Walker's Field terms & conditions

  • For those of you that haven’t been to the field before these will be emailed to you.

A reminder for what to bring

  • Please bring water & a bowl for your dog
  • Bring snacks to encourage and reward training and use of the zones. We reccomend high value only treats such as chicken or sausage in very small bits.
  • Don't forget to bring a drink for yourself!

️Kind Advice

  • Please DONT give other dogs your dogs treats as can cause issues(allergies or arguments). Have them in your pocket ready to go around the agility course.
  • It's important not to force your dog to do training and allow the confidence to grow for them to complete it themselves with positive reinforcement from you, the owner.
  • MAKE sure your dog has plenty of space away from dogs if they are become uncertain of their environment.

Terms & Conditions

  • No refunds for last minute cancellations unless proof given from a vet/doctor's or hospital
  • Responsible children over 7 years old are welcome but they need to be able to listen to instructions & understand that they must stay with their dogs & behave calmly so less-confident dogs aren’t affected. E.g. there might be dogs from homes without children or rescued dogs who are not accustomed to children being noisy or running around. Every dog needs a learning enviroment that will not stress them.
  • Children under 7 years of age are not allowed.
  • There will be a waiver to sign on the day regarding safety & social media & website use.

To book your slot

Cost of four week course is £50
I will send you a booking form

Current payment is via BACS (bank transfer) (WorldPay button coming soon)

BACS information:

Name: S.C Lloyd
Sort Code: 30-15-97
Account No:

Once payment is made your slot will be booked and a confirmation email sent .

NEW - K9 Kids' Club*

Teaching your child body language, nutrition, equipment & handling skills along with training with their dog.

  • One hour Saturday sessions.
  • ️Children over 7 years old
  • One hour life skills & obedience session
  • £12.50 per dog & young handler
  • Free gift bag

Sat 25 th May @ 11 am
Sat 15 th June @ 11 am
Sat 17 th Aug @ 11 am

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